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Head association of the German Woodworking and Furniture Industries (HDH)

HDH - about us:

The HDH (Hauptverband der Deutschen Holz und Kunststoffe verarbeitenden Industrie und verwandter Industriezweige e.V.) is the head association of the German woodworking and furniture industries with special associations, regional associations and confederacy associations as members.

The HDH is a non-profit-organisation. The turnover of the industries represented by HDH reached about € 35 bn. in 2011. The substantial four legs of the German woodworking industries are, apart from the furniture industry, the build near range (from the prefabricated constructions to the windows), the wood-based industry (from the particle boards to the plywood boards) and the other special lines, which, as for example the piano industry and the bonded wood construction, have a world-wide reputation.

The primary task of HDH is to look after the economical, political and technical interests of the German woodworking and furniture industry against the politics, the trade unions and the public. HDH is the contact organisation for the companies in their sectors. International contacts and meetings with European economical associations, for example for the matter of wages policy or technical and ecological questions are cultivated permanently and with high intensity and knowledge. Public relations are the second important task for the association.

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The German woodworking and furniture industry is satisfied with the year 2011. Compared to the year 2010, sector turnover grew by about 8 percent and amounted to € 35 bn. The positive economic situation of the recent year becomes apparent in corporate structures and in the job market. Over the past year, only few companies had to close down, with the total number reduced by 2.1 percent to about 2,200 mostly medium-sized companies. An average number of 190,000 persons employed in the industry in 2011 means that 1.4 percent more workers and employees were active this period.

But despite these figures, the role of international trade should not be forgotten. Thus, German exports of furniture 2011 (+11 per cent) were an important pillar of the German woodworking and furniture industry. The export ratio increased from about 11.1 percent in 1995 to 28.3 percent in 2011.

HDH (Hauptverband der Deutschen Holz und Kunststoffe verarbeitenden Industrie und verwandter Industriezweige e.V.)
Flutgraben 2
53604 Bad Honnef

Phone: +49 2224 93 77 11
Fax: +49 2224 93 77 77

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